Can I install and design the survey at the same time?

Can I install and still design the survey at the same time?

The Task Analytics tracking code is unique per survey. The tracking code will not change when making alteration and/or adjusting the settings of the pop-up or survey. 

Installing & refining the survey at the same time

You’re able to install the script while still working on the survey design. This can speed up the process and allows you to collaborate to:
  • Install the Task Analytics script
    Send the tracking code to your colleagues responsible for publishing the script on your website, app or intranet or staging environment
  • Setup your survey
    A new survey you create is activated by default. If you’re not ready for having the survey deployed, deactivate the survey until you are ready to do so
  • Design & refine the survey
    Work on the survey, task lists, pop-up invitation and survey settings in the meantime, regardless whether the tracking code is installed or not
  • Preview the survey
    You can test the survey using the preview function in Task Analytics (if the tracking code isn't live yet) or by using the preview URL parameter ?_tmcf on your website. The preview will allow you to see the pop-up and survey without activating the survey

Once you’re ready, activate the survey.

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