Customize the layout of the invitation pop-up and survey

Customize the look & feel of the invitation pop-up

We designed Task Analytics to be as minimally invasive as possible while still trying to successfully engage your visitors. One of the ways we do this is by blending into the look and feel of your website. This guide will show you how to style your invitation pop-up like we've done on
The invitation pop-up you are able to customize

Changing the Lay-out of the pop-up invitation

To access the style settings, simply navigate to the Settings screen using the menu in the upper right. You'll need to be in an Admin role for in order to do so.
Select "Settings" to change the lay-out of the invitation
Scroll down or search the page for the STYLES section. There you'll find the options for customizing the invitation pop-up's appearance.
The styles options you use to customize the invitation pop-up
Changing these settings and clicking the Save button will make them live instantly on your website.

Supported Style Settings

We currently support 3 different types of style settings for 3 different types of text used in the invitation pop-up. You can change one or many of these settings.

About the Style Options

Each text type supports the following options:
  • Font Family
    allows you to change the type of font used for display. Note that you can set this to a font family that is available via your websites CSS. For example, the Task Analytics homepage uses "Brandon Text" and we provide that font via our homepages CSS files.
  • Font Weight
    will adjust the weight to either the numeric value or the valid CSS string value, allowing you to make text more Bold for instance.
  • Color
    will alter the color using RGB hex code provided.

About the Text Types

There are three primary types of text used in the invitation pop-up and each can be styled independently.
  • "Text" refers to the body text
    Location of the text of the invitation form
  • "Action" refers to the clickable elements of the form.
    Location of the action elements of the invitation form
  • "Heading" refers to the question heading text used throughout the cards.
    Location of the heading of the invitation form
Finished customizing the invitation pop-up? Preview your pop-up
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