Exclude pages on which the survey should not appear

Exclude pages on which the survey should not appear

There can be situations where you don’t want to invite visitors to participate. For example, on a (specific) landing page you’re sending paid traffic to, or when visitors are finishing their order. You can use exclude paths to control URL paths where the survey will not appear.

How can I add exclude paths

To enter exclude paths:
  1. Select your survey
  2. Select “Setup” in the menu
  3. Select “Settings” in the sub-menu on the right side of the screen
  4. Scroll down until you see "INVITATON”

Set up exclude paths

You can add exclude paths by adding the page path of the page you don’t want the survey to appear on. If you don’t want the survey to appear on the “/event-introduction”-page of www.mydomain.com/en/event-introduction, add the exclude path “/introduction”. If you don’t want the survey to appear on all English-pages, add “/en/” as a exclude path. You can add multiple exclude paths.
Example of exclude paths with use of the substring match. You cannot use regular expressions for exclude paths.
  • order/
  • sign-up
  • /blog/
Be aware of undesirable results
Always make sure your exclude path is unique, in a sense that it does not unintentionally exclude more pages on your website than anticipated. If you add “en” as an exclude path, the survey will not show on www.mydomain.com/unintended-effect, because it also contains the “en”.

How to test if your pattern is working?

You can check if you've set up the exclude paths the way you want by using the preview URL parameter of Task Analytics. Add ?_tmcf to a page you don't want the survey to appear on. If you've set up your exclude paths correctly, you will not see the pop-up appear. You will, however, see the pop-up on other pages.

When can I use the preview URL parameter?
You can use ?_tmcf to validate if your exclude paths are not working because the ?_tmcf will not work, even with ?_tmcf. But you can not use the ?_tmcf to validate if your trigger paths are working because the ?_tmcf will force a survey invite.

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