Delete individual responses that contain sensitive information

Delete individual responses that contain sensitive information

It's not uncommon for our customers to collect personal data inadvertently via the free text inputs in the survey. Sometimes visitors to your site that respond might provide their email address or phone number. While this is mostly harmless and a great way for you to get in touch with them directly, collecting and storing that personal data, even accidentally, adds a responsibility our customers don't always want.

Deleting Responses
If you find your respondents have provided sensitive data that you don't want to keep or your customers have requested under the GDPR that you delete any of their personal data, you can delete individual text responses directly in the Task Analytics user interface.

Deleting Other Tasks

Whenever you're viewing the results for the "Other" task(s), if you mouse-over a result a blue X will be presented. Clicking it asks to confirm the deletion. If confirmed, the result will be instantly removed.
  Delete "Other" task responses from the results

Deleting Follow Up Other Responses

In the Summary views and wherever you can see the free text follow up responses, you can now delete them directly from the user interface similar to how we delete Other tasks. Mouse over the response, select the X, and confirm deletion.
  Deleting individual follow-up question responses
Will I delete all answers given by this participant?
When deleting the answer of a follow-up question, the initial task selection, completion score and other data points will not be deleted, so as to not skew your results. You will only delete the text response for that particular follow-up question.
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