Enabling Google Analytics integration for Task Analytics

Enabling Google Analytics integration for Task Analytics

Task Analytics can be set up to feed intent data to Google Analytics, providing enhanced segmentation of behavioral data. This allows you to add a segment to filter out what the customers came for and whether they could complete the task they intended or not.

Enabling or disabling the integration

If you have Admin permissions you can toggle the integration on/off under Setup → Settings with the checkbox seen in the screenshot below:
Enabling the Google Analytics integration of Task Analytics in the "Settings" submenu

How does the integration work?

Task Analytics will check whether your website is running with Google Tag Manager or asynchronous Google Analytics. If Google Tag Manager is found, Task Analytics will push an event to the dataLayer. If there’s not dataLayer, Task Analytics will send an event to Google Analytics directly. If there’s an issue and Google Analytics cannot be found, the tracking will be submitted but will simply not be registered by Google Analytics. The end-user will not encounter an error.

The asynchronous Google Analytics event
The Google Analytics integration will publish events as:
  1. Event Category: Task Analytics
  2. Event Label: <Task name [unique task id]> 
  3. Event Action: Completed or Gave In
The Google Tag Manager dataLayer push
The dataLayer push that's being pushed when Google Tag Manager is found:
  1. dataLayer.push({
  2.    'taskName': '<Task name [unique task id]>',
  3.    'taskResult': 'Completed' or 'Gave In',
  4.    'event': 'Task Analytics'
  5. });

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