Manage the last card in a survey

Manage the last card in a survey

The last card in a survey is the last card respondents are seeing when participating in a survey. By default, the last card is the "Thank you"-card, and respondents can only click the "Close"-button.
A message card with a link acting as the last card in the survey
(including question logic)

Make any card the last card

You can make any question or message card in your survey become the last card. This card will be the last card a participant will see, regardless of any cards that may follow in your survey (even if question logic applies).

How to make a card the last card

  1. Go to the Survey Setup of the survey you want to edit
  2. Select the question you want to edit in the left column
  3. Click "Show question settings" to see the question settings
  4. Check "Last card in survey" to make it the last card in the survey;
  5. Optionally:
    1. Change the text of the "Next"-button, so respondents understand this to be the last card.
    2. Have multiple cards act as last cards by applying question logic. Based on the response given on a previous question, you can show different last cards.
Make a card act like the last card in the surveyMake a card act as the last card in the survey

Characteristics of a final card

  • A final card is the last card a respondent is going to see (even if there are questions following this card in the survey design);
  • The final card does not contain a "previous"-button to go back to the previous card in the survey;
  • Both message and question cards can be the last card;
  • You can have multiple cards in your survey that act like final cards. Using question logic, different answers given by respondents can show different final cards;
  • You can edit the text of the "Close"-button by adjusting the text of the "next"-button.

Use question logic too create dynamic last cards (based on an answer given)
The use of a message card allows you to insert links and send respondents to a specific page. You can apply question logic to have different message cards shown based on an answer given by a respondent in the survey.

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