How does Task Analytics use the collected data?

How does Task Analytics use the collected data?

Task Analytics aims to help clients understand customer intent to elevate their service and the customer experience of their websites.

General data

We collect device data to provide insights to our clients regarding which user demographics or platforms might be demanding certain capabilities from their website or which may be experiencing poor service. For example, it allows Task Analytics clients to understand if there is a poor experience for users of mobile Safari. View the full list [2.2.1 > Data being collected: see this document]


We use a cookie to track the state of User’s opt-in status and if users are currently engaged in the Survey. More on cookies [see this document]

IP address

We collect IP address only for web server logging purposes for use in our alerting and monitoring systems to help detect malicious use of our Survey and systems. It is not stored with survey responses, allowing users responses to remain anonymous.

Third party tools

Depending on how clients of Task Analytics are using the survey, third party tools (the “Third Party”) like Google Analytics may be connected to the survey by our clients. Responses to questions in the survey may be sent to the Third Party.

Please read or Privacy Policy  for more details.

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