Export data from Task Analytics when it does not seem to work

Export data from Task Analytics

You can export data from Task Analytics. Go to the dashboard of the survey you want to export data from. Scroll down and click on "Export" to start the export. You'll be able to download a CSV-file.
 Export data from your dashboard by scrolling down and clicking on the export button Export data from your dashboard by scrolling down and clicking on the export button

The setup of the export file

The CSV-file will contain 2 rows with information that tells you what you're looking at:
  • Row 1: Column headers
    The names of the columns being used by Task Analytics
  • Row 2: Questions
    The questions that are being asked of which the answers will be shown in this column.
    This will help you to identify the questions & answers you want to look at.

What data does the export file contain?

The data contains valuable information that's not always represented in the dashboard. The following columns are present in the export-file:
  • ID
    A random anonymous number that's been assigned to a customer 
  • Start
    Timestamp of the participant when opting-in (acknowledging to be participating in the survey)
  • Complete
    Timestamp of the participant when clicking on the "I'm finished"-button (note: the name of the label may vary based on your settings)
  • Answers.t
    The reason why the participant visits the website
  • Answers.t_o
    If the participant answers with "Other", the value will be in this column
  • Answers.c
    Was the participant successful in completing the task: yes or no
  • Answers.why
    Why wasn't the participant successful?
  • Segmentation questions & own questions
    The number can vary based on your setup of the survey
  • Comment
    Open text answers
  • StartUrl
    The URL the participant was on when accepting the invitation
  • doneUrl
    The URL the participant was on when clicking "I'm finished / I'm done". 
  • browserName
    The name of the browser used by the participant
  • browserVersion
    The version of the browser used by the participant
  • osName
    The name of the operating system used by the participant
  • device
    The name of the device used by the participant

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