November 2019 - Product Update

November 2019 - Product Update

Message Card

A message card is a card that does not contain a question. Use it to add messages with bold or italic text, bullet lists, and links. For example, it allows you to invite respondents for (remote) usability testing. Message cards work with question logic, so you can present different cards based on the respondent’s answer(s). More on Message Cards

Exampe of a Message Card with bold text, italic text and a link.

Randomize answer options

You can randomize the answer options for a question. It prevents the selection bias and insures against the accidental bias. Select this option in the “Show question options” of a question. More about answer option randimization

Survey & question templates

We’ve improved the initial survey setup and added question templates that can help you segment results and get better insights. You’ll find the ease of use question (System Usability Scale) and visit frequency question listed under the “Add Card”-button in your survey design. More info

Other improvements

  • Industry-specific tasks
    We’ve added a bunch of potential tasks for different industries. When creating a new survey, you can select the appropriate industry and select commonly used tasked from our task library;
  • Survey duplication
    Duplicate an existing survey including survey setup and pop-up settings;
  • Clear survey responses
    Clear responses in a survey if you want to start over. This comes in handy after testing the survey and getting ready for go-live;
  • Improved pop-up texts
    The initial pop-up texts are also updated based on best practices. You’ll probably notice it when creating a new survey.

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