Oktober 2019 - Product Updates

October 2019 - Product Update

Reassign “Other” tasks

Sometimes you’ll find tasks in “Other” that are already in your task list. You can now reassign an “Other”-task to an existing task. Read more

Average Task Completion Time

How long does it take visitors to successfully complete a specific task? You can now see the average completion time for every task. The time starts once a visitor clicks "I understand" and stops when the visitor clicks the "done" button. (texts may differ per setup). Read more

Manage comments

We’ve made it easier for you to manage your comments. Search in and/or delete (multiple) comments. This option is available for all questions with a free text field.

Better formatting of CSV files [bug fix]

Better handling of extra newlines (carriage returns) in free-text answers. One row will now contain data of one respondent. 

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