Organization membership: User or Owner

Organization membership: Users and Owners

Users and owners

Task Analytics makes a distinction between a user and an owner of an organization. Users have restricted access and, depending on their access level, can only view / edit a survey or can't see the survey at all. Owners are allowed to manage users as well as specific actions as described in this document, that will have far-reaching consequences, like deleting surveys and/or responses. More on user levels 

Actions executed by owners

The following actions can only be executed if you're an owner of the organization:
Manage users
  1. Add users
  2. Remove users
  3. Change access levels of users
Manage surveys
  1. Copy a survey
  2. Delete a survey
  3. Reset a survey
Manage organizations
  1. Manage the organizations’ profile
  2. Delete an organization

There is no restriction on the number of owners of one account. All owners are allowed to change the access levels of users and other owners. A user needs to be a member of the organization before being able to become an owner.  Learn more about the different access levels by members
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