Preview Task Analytics invitation and survey

Preview the invitation popup & survey

You can check what the survey pop-up will look like and what the user flow will be like.

Option 1: Use the preview option in the admin section

You can always see a preview of your invitation and the questions you’ve composed in the admin section of Task Analytics. Log in via and select the survey you want to preview. Select “Preview” from the survey menu.
 Select "Preview" to view the survey invitation and questions
A new page will open, allowing you to click through the survey without needing to worry about the data. Interactions and answers you’ll give will not be stored.
 Interact with the Task Analytics survey
Tip! You can remove all stored settings of the survey by clicking on the link “Clear cookie and reload”. You’ll reset the settings and are able to experience the interaction with the survey like any new visitor visiting your website.

Option 2: Preview the survey on your website

You can test the pop-up on the website you want to run Task Analytics on. If Task Analytics is installed correctly, you’ll be able to see the pop-up by adding the URL parameter _tmcf to your web address. E.g. If you already have URL parameters, you can add &_tmcf to your web address. E.g.
Previewing the invitation by adding ?_tmcf to the web address
When using ?_tmcf, Task Analytics will ignore all previous interactions. The invitation will be shown, whether you’ve closed or selected “no” in a previous preview.

Any questions you answer when previewing the survey are not added to the analysis. The same applies for any 3rd party integration with e.g. Google Analytics.

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