Setup Task Analytics for multiple domains with domain settings

Setup Task Analytics for multiple domains with domain settings

This feature has been removed from Task Analytics.

Task Analytics is all about the complete customer journey. For businesses handling multiple sites or domains, it is crucial to follow the users across sites to get the whole picture.

Access domain settings

To access domain settings:
  • Select your survey
  • Select “Setup” in the menu
  • Select “Settings” in the submenu on the right side of the screen
  • Scroll down until you see “Domain Settings”

Define a trigger domain

A trigger domain is the domain where you want Task Analytics to pop up and ask visitors to participate. You can add one or more trigger domains by adding the domain names to the appropriate field. The "trigger domains" is an optional field.

Adding trigger domains for your survey

Using multiple trigger domains
You can define multiple trigger domains. But doing so will result in the pop-up being shown on all the domains you’ve set. Even if the visitor has already accepted or declined by closing the pop-up invitation on a different domain name.

Define one or more supporting domain

If you do business across multiple domains, it can be necessary to have the Task Analytics survey following the visitor across those domains. By defining supporting domains, you will allow Task Analytics to follow the visitor. The visitor will never be invited on these supporting domains but is being shown the “I’m ready”-button. The "supporting domains" is an optional field.
The "I'm ready" or "Ready to give feedback"-button will follow the visitor across all your supporting domains
Adding suporting domains to follow visitors over different websites (domain names)
If you’re having issues setting up the trigger and/or supporting domains, please contact support.

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