Preparations for running a Task Workshop

Preparations for running a Task Workshop

Follow these guidelines to be well prepared for
running the Task Workshop. The Task Workshop is also referred to as an “Onboarding Workshop”.


The overall target for the Task Workshop is to design the survey, set up the pop-up invitation and get up and running.  More specifically, we will produce the uniquely designed parts of the survey:
  1. The task list
  2. Target groups/visitor segments
  3. Specific follow up-questions See template with recommendations
In addition to the uniquely designed parts of the survey, much of the survey is standardized. The  standard follow-up questions have only little if any need for customization. See template. This applies to:
  • The “What stopped you?”-list 
  • The “What will you do instead?”-list


In our experience, you should make the first version of the task list prior to the workshop. Get as much as possible in place prior to the workshop and the workshop will get more focused and of course you’ll get more out of it. Preparing the workshop requires on average 2-4 hrs. Tip: Trello is an excellent tool to prepare the survey before the workshop and edit the survey during the workshop. Use our free Trello template. Then move on to create the survey in Task Analytics after the workshop. 

Acquire the relevant information to make a qualified draft task list. For example:

  • Web statistics: Clickmaps, heatmaps, search logs
  • Internal documents on customers and users, or past task assessments

  • Access a dummy-user account to review relevant  pages behind log-ins (partner-web, customer portal etc.)

Prepare the participants in advance

  • Save time ensuring participants know the basics of Task Analytics and the goal of the workshop
  • Set aside 2 hrs for the workshop itself.


Be sure to have:

  • Someone who knows the customers and their needs well.

  • Someone who knows the business and its strategies well.

  • Someone who knows the website well.

  • And of course you, reading this, who facilitates the workshop.

Introduction to new participants: Some participants may be totally new to the tool and in need of more information.


We believe in keeping the Task Workshop short and lean. The respondents will help you refine the invitation pop-up as we start using it.

  • When we work out the material for the invitation pop-up, try to think ahead. When we get the data;

    • What kind of insight does this question provide?

    • What kind of insight do the data not provide?

    • Do we need the insight?


And of course, always remember the Task Analytics Manifest:
  • We will never ask you about anything unless it is important and we know how we will use the response

  • We will make it easy to say no to participating and we will remember your choice

  • We will never take you out of the flow

  • We will always — ALWAYS — use the result from the survey to make an improved experience for the user

All set? Let's walk through the steps of the Task Workshop itself.

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