Use of cookies

Use of cookies


Cookies are small files saved to the user’s computer’s hard drive that track, save and store information about the user’s interactions and usage of the website.

  • _tmc
    Task Analytics uses the cookie “_tmc” so that users who have either participated (opted-in) or opted-out of the survey, are not asked to participate again. It records the state of users having opted in or out, and if users have opted in it stores a randomly generated response identifier sent with any of users survey responses.

  • _taj
    The “_taj” cookie stores data in case users leave before finishing the survey. The user can continue with the survey and already answered questions are stored in the cookie anonymously. This cookie will be deleted once the survey has been filled out completely.

Task Analytics cookies are analytical cookies

Task Analytics cookies are considered to be analytical cookies, used for statistical analysis to improve the use of the website, tool or application and to make the content more interesting and relevant to the wishes of users. This type of cookie collects anonymous data on the activity of users and as it came on the site, tool or application. The analytical cookies are sent from the same site or from third-party domains.

Task Analytics set the following cookie:
Cookie Name
Expiration Time
24 hours
Used to distinguish users.
30 seconds to 1 year
Contains user specific answers that are stored in the case the user does not finish the survey at once. This cookie will be deleted once all the questions in the survey are answered by the user.

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