Manage users and their access levels

User access levels for Task Analytics

You can manage users on the 'People'-page. Access the page by clicking the "People"-link in your organization's menu in the top-right corner.
 Manage users via the 'People'-page, accessible via the top right menu in your Task Analytics dashboard.

Access Levels

The user access level of users affects their abilities to perform specific actions in Task Analytics. The user access level depends on which rights (also called permissions or access level) are assigned to a user. Task Analytics makes a distinction between access levels per survey. The options are:
  1. No
    The user has no access and the survey won’t appear in the user’s overview.
    This setting is commonly used when having multiple surveys from different clients within one Task Analytics account.
  2. View
    The user can preview the survey and can view the survey results. Users with view rights can also create their own reports.
  3. Edit
    The user has view rights and can edit the survey and pop-up invitation texts.
  4. Admin
    The user has edit rights and can manage survey settings.

  5. Owner
    Owners have admin rights to every survey in the organization and can perform special actions that are restricted to owners of an organization. Only owners of an organization can manage users and their access level.
There is no limit to the number of users that can be added. And owners can adjust access levels for each individual user. More about the differences between users and owners 
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