Use Google Analytics to analyze Task Analytics data

What Task Analytics data is sent to Google Analytics?

If you’re using Task Analytics and have enabled the 3rd integration with Google Analytics, you’ll be able to analyze WHY visitors visit your website in your preferred web analytics tool.

Segments based on task & task completion 

The integration allows you to create your own segments and deep-dives based on:
  • Votes per Task
    Tasks participants have selected as their main reason for visiting your application
  • Completion Rate
    Completion rates (“yes” and “no”) for specific or all tasks

Using Google Tag Manager

If you have deployed Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager, you can benefit from the functionalities that are standard in the tag manager. This allows you to also track:
  • Pop-up invitation opt-in rate
    The number of participants in relation to the number of visitors that have seen the pop-up
  • Pop-up invitation interactions
    How many visitors closed the pop-up, said “no” and “yes”
  • Analyze the funnel conversion and drop off rate
    The number of participants that started compared to the ones that have finished
Tip! Google Tag Manager import container
Using the 3rd party integration of Google Analytics for Task Analytics is made easy! Import the ready-to-go Google Tag Manager import container.

Create tailor-made segments

Of course, you will be able to combine two or more data points in order to create specific segments. Even better; you can always use the standard Google Analytics dimensions and metrics, like for example, device type, operating system, country, language, visitor type, etc.. 
For example:
A segment for visitors from France who weren’t able to complete task X while using their smartphone on a Monday between 6:00 am - 11.00 am.

Not using Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics
If you’re using another tag manager (Adobe Dynamic Tag Management, Tealium or Qubit) of web analytics tool (Matomo, Adobe Analytics), do contact us! We’re looking for clients who want to work together on creating a perfect integration.

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