Information Task Analytics collects

Which information does Task Analytics collect

The information that is collected depends on the set-up of your configuration. Some of the data will always be collected as part of using Task Analytics; other data is optional and depends on the set-up of your survey and feedback given by visitors.

General Data

The following information will always be collected:
  1. Operating system (name and version)

  2. Device type (e.g. “mac” vs. “pc”, “desktop” vs “smartphone”)

  3. Web Browser (name and version)

  4. Web Browser user agent string

  5. Timestamp (start, finish)

  6. Page URL (Beginning and Ending website URL you were viewing while using the Survey)

Some data collected via our application may include personal data such as user device data, but this data is processed and stored separately from individual user responses, as we are careful to handle Personally identifiable information in full compliance. This data is not kept for more than 30 days, in accordance with GDPR. Further controls are available to the survey creator, in order to limit the amount and type of data that is processed by the application.

Survey Data

Data collected when visitors interact with Task Analytics:
  • Invitation Views
    The number of times visitors have seen the invitation 
  • Engagement Rate
    The number of visitors agreeing to participate and the number of users opting-out.
  • Task Completion time
    The time between the moment the visitor agrees to participate (opt-in) and indicating having finished the visit (“I’m finished”).
  • Funnel Management
    The number of views,  completion and drop-off per individual question in the Survey, allowing you to see the Funnel Completion Rate (%).
  • Question Answers
    Answers that are given to each individual question in the Survey.

Privacy sensitive information

Task Analytics does not track visitors full IP address, email address or other information that can be traced back to individuals. IP addresses of users filling out the survey are not stored. We only collect IP addresses in conjunction with our web server logs for users with a Task Analytics account for security purposes. IP addresses and survey responses are stored separately.

Please keep in mind the following:
  • Visitors can submit personal information through open text fields;
  • You can design your own questions asking visitors to enter personal information;
  • You can link anonymous data in Task Analytics with 3rd party software, e.g. Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics, which can help you to link specific data to individual visitors. 
As a Processor of information, Task Analytics has a built-in functionality allowing you to delete privacy-sensitive information from free text comment fields, allowing you to comply to GDPR legislation. As a customer and user of Task Analytics, you are in control.

Data ownership

You retain ownership of all of your data. You have the ability to back-up and/or delete your data, even after you stop using Task Analytics services.

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