Why integrate Task Analytics with Hotjar

The benefits of integrating Task Analytics with Hotjar

Looking at videos of your users is one of the best things you can do to understand how they interact with your website or app. But setting up and recording users is one thing, analyzing and interpreting the result is a different ball game. You’re missing:

  1. The time to review all these recordings
    How do you prioritize which videos to watch first?
  2. The reason or intent
    You keep asking yourself what the person in each specific recording is looking for.
  3. The human side
    A click doesn’t laugh, cry, or feel frustrated. But a person does. There’s really no way to classify visits being successful or not.
Traditional web analytics and usability tools only measure human behavior, essentially what your customer did, or is doing, on your site. Task Analytics focusses on identifying why users visit your website, and whether they are successful or not. Knowing this while reviewing a screen recording allows you to build actionable, data-driven hypotheses on how to improve your website.
Task Analytics will automatically enrich Hotjar's screen recordings to show user's intent & completion score.
This unique combination gives you the same insights as you would get with usability testing, but easier and cheaper. You will be able to see the whole picture, beautifully. That is why we think the integration with Hotjar will make Task Analytics yours and Hotjar’s new best friend.

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Read our blog post "Meet Hotjar's New Best Friend".
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  1. Enable the Hotjar integration and start tagging screen recordings
  2. Do-it-yourself Hotjar integration with help of a Tag Manager

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