Randomize questions answers in your survey

Randomize answers options of questions

Randomization is an important research technique used to help overcome the bias that can result from the order answer options are presented in. Randomizing the order of answer options in your survey prevents bias introduced by order fatigue. With Task Analytics, you can randomize your question options.

Randomize the order of answer options

  1. Go to the Survey Setup of the survey you want to edit
  2. Select the question you want to edit in the left column
  3. Click "Show question settings" to see the question settings
  4. Check "Randomize order" to randomize the order of the answer options

Randomize the order of answer options in Task Analytics Randomize the order of answer options in Task Analytics

The effect of randomization on your survey results 

You can check the randomization of answer options by previewing your survey. You will not see the effect of the randomization when editing your survey, but the randomization option will help you with the presentation of results. If randomization isn't selected for a particular question, the results will be presented in the same order as in the survey design. If randomization is selected, results will be ordered based on the number of votes per answer option, from high to low. See the illustration below for an example of both variants.
The difference in presenting a fixed order (left) and a question with answer options randomized (right)Questions with randomized order will be presented based on the number of votes (high to low). Questions with fixed answer options will be presented in the order as ordered in the survey design.

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