Getting Started with Task Analytics

Getting Started with Task Analytics

Geting Started with Task Analytics

Below are instructions to install and run Task Analytics, including the following main topics:

  1. Account and User access
  2. A brief introduction to the Task Analytics Survey
  3. Technical installation
  4. Preview & optimize your survey
  5. Miscellaneous
6 Steps to Get Started with Task AnalyticsHow to get started with Task Analytics in simple steps

1. Account and User access 

As a Task Analytics user, you gain access to an Organization. Each organization may have one or more Task Analytics surveys. One survey is used to measure the user experience on a website.

  1. Login
    Registered users can log in and view the organizations and surveys they have access to. If you only have access to one organization, you are logged into this directly by default. The login for all accounts is
  2. Access your Task Analytics Organization
    If you already have a user and want to access a new organization or survey, you must be invited by the Owner of the Task Analytics organization you are trying to access. Once they invite you from inside their admin, you will receive an email invitation to accept and log in.
  3. Create a New User
    A New User is created after receiving an email invitation from the owner of a Task Analytics organization. Follow the instructions you receive in the email. If you have not been invited, contact the Owner or Task Analytics for assistance. 
  4. Create a New Organization
    Usually, a Task Analytics team member will create a new Organization for their clients and invite those who need access. Task Analytics partners can also create Organizations for their clients by following these steps; (1) log into Task Analytics and (2) select “Create Organization” in the upper right.        

2. A brief introduction to the Task Analytics Survey

One or more surveys can be set up in a Task Analytics organization. Each survey is installed with its own script, and each has its own admin dashboard and settings that correspond with it. One study can be run on multiple domains by installing the same script. Studies can be set up in several languages. At the bottom of this page is a list of settings you should be aware of.

A typical Task Analytics survey contains a group of questions that include user tasks, audiences, and follow-up questions. Standard practice is to run an initial on-boarding workshop for defining the content before that will then be input into the Task Analytics survey. Planning of the survey is often led by a consultant from Task Analytics or a partner (digital agency etc.).

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3. Technical installation

Task Analytics is installed on a website with a javascript snippet. Similar to other tags, it can be installed by (1) Copying the script directly into the source code or (2) Installing the script with Google Tag Manager (GTM) on the web page to run the survey. You can find their script under the settings section of the survey admin. To get there from your Organization home screen first, click on the current Survey in Task Analytics, then select "Setup > Code" menu item. The script can be installed without appearing on the web page by disabling the survey under settings. The survey is usually installed in less than 15 minutes.

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4. Preview & optimize your survey 

4.1. Testing your survey

All surveys are enabled by default, but can be easily disabled under "Setup > Settings". The benefit of disabling is that the script can be installed without the survey showing up on the web page. However, even when disabled, you can test that it works by “forcing” the survey and seeing how it behaves. 

  • Preview your survey

    • In the URL field, add "_tmcf " after your domain, for example:

    • You can also preview the survey in the admin by selecting "Preview" in the menu when you are logged in;     

It is recommended to delay the survey prompt by at least a few seconds. This means that the survey (pop-up window) does not appear until, for example, 5 seconds have passed. Time delays have led to an increased response rate. Otherwise, visitors can associate the survey with GDPR consent or otherwise when the pop-up window pops up immediately and click it away the first second they arrive. An additional script must be installed to create the time delay.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1. Enhanced use of Task Analytics

Other settings to be aware of:
  1. Cookies
    1. Invitation: What proportion of visitors receive the survey? Read more
    2. Days excluded: The number of days before the same person can see the survey again after refusing or giving no response. Read more
  2. Trigger and Exclude pages
    1. Exclude: The survey can be excluded from selected pages, such as landing pages, etc. That is, the survey does not show up here, but if you navigate to non-excluded areas. Read more
    2. Trigger: The survey can only be triggered on selected pages, then follow the user around the entire web page after opting in. Read more
  3. Styling
    You can change the invitation text, color and font of the survey as well as move it to different corners. This is done under menu settings "Setup > pop-up". Read more
  4. 3rd Party Integrations
    Google Analytics and Hotjar integrations can be enabled. Go to “Setup> Settings” and check the boxes. Learn more about Google Analytics and Hotjar integrations.

5.2 Task Analytics and GDPR 

Is Task Analytics GDPR compliant?
Task Analytics is 100 percent GDPR compliant, and does not collect information that falls under the GDPR rules. All data collected is anonymized and cannot be traced back to personal identity. No IP addresses are tracked. Read more

What kind of data is collected by the Task Analytics survey?
We have described what data is collected. Read more

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